Federal Contingency Plans: Read Them!

Liz Boltz Ranfeld

Has Pres. Obama purposefully shut down more federal programs than necessary during the government shutdown in order to “make Americans feel it”? That’s what some conservative pundits are arguing. (Only click that link if you are ready to roll your eyes a lot or do a rhetorical analysis of the way they are putting together their argument, because it’s really quite genius.) I even saw someone on Facebook this morning call this “tyranny.”

The rhetorical trick that numerous conservablogs are trying is to point to things that have been shut down–in their opinion, unnecessarily–and argue that “Obama did it.” Obama shut down this. Obama shut down that.

Aside from the fact that it is the GOP that wanted and caused the government shutdown (and there is literally no argument otherwise that makes any sense), this idea that Obama has some master list of federally-funded projects and he’s pouring over it…

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