GYA today

I have a question for you.

Would you donate a pair of jeans that you don’t/won’t/can’t wear anymore to someone you know who is desperately in need of a pair of jeans? Okay, so I already knew you would say yes. How about to someone you don’t know who desperately needs a pair of jeans?

If your answer is yes to this one, I have a suggestion. Instead of GYA today, how about GYJA today …that stands for Give Your Jeans Away today.

Each_YearWatch this really short video to get the basics and learn how easy it is.

Teens_For_Jeans_VidYou don’t have to be a teen to be involved. But it would be great to get teens involved. You don’t have start a drive, but you could. All you HAVE to do is donate just one pair of jeans.

So, one last question. Will you donate at least one…

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