A well written rant if not a tad imbalanced. We have to at least admit that Democrats are not in many ways inept if not complicit in their lack of action. Our rollover President has been a godsend to this lunacy.

Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum

For a long time now, Republicans have spun a fascinating story of how liberals hate America. It’s peaked with the election of President Obama who is secretly a raging (read as: angry Negro) America hater intent on getting some pay back for…something. Slavery? Imperialism? Who knows? All we hear is that he hates America and so do we liberals. We’re all anti-American traitors plotting the absolute destruction of the United States. All of our policies are designed to do exactly that. This worked as a political tactic well enough to put all three branches of the government under conservative control for most of the last decade and the House back under GOP control in this one.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the conservative hegemony that Karl Rove bragged about in 2004. Following the blueprint of conservative gimmes, the country swerved off the road and crashed into…

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